First Legal Investigations is a full-service, licensed detective agency, staffed by experienced professionals. We provide services to the legal profession, insurance industry, municipalities, corporate clients, and private individuals. From skiptracing to asset searches, we are discreet, professional, and deliver real-time evidence you can use. Furthermore, we train our agents to understand the investigative needs of attorneys, what constitutes proper evidence and chain of custody. They undergo regular instruction and training on how to provide accurate testimony. As a result, every element of your surveillance adds value, reduces risk, and is defensible in the court of law.


If your subject hides assets behind a legitimate business or concealed behind international barriers, First Legal Investigations helps you find what you’re looking for. Unlike competitors, we won’t abandon you once the asset search is over. After your judge’s ruling is perfected, we’ll guide you through the writ process. First Legal Investigations does not perform asset seizures, but we’ll be glad to help you serve levies.

International service of process requires that your documents be served in both English and the language of the country in which it is being served. To assist you in the process, we offer translation services in over 200 languages. First Legal will also prepare your letters rogatory.

Tell us which services you’re interested in, and let us contact you!